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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." - William Shakespeare
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The Endless Universe

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By Anil Kumar Gupta
Twitter @hitechit

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The Endless Universe

Magnificent galaxies of stars are dotted like islands through the sea of space. This magnificent sea of space is the Universe.
We live on a planet which is a part of the solar system. Each star has its own solar system. 
Many stars in close proximity form a Stellar System. Through  the intersteller spaces and billions of stars we measure a galaxy.
Galaxy has fairly large dimesions, it is a stretch of time and space beyond human comprehensions. Millions of Light years are normal measurement units of Galaxy.
Galaxies swirl and spiral under the immense forces of light energy and gravitational forces.
New Stars are born all the time in this gigantic universe.: Gas flows along bars into the heart of barred spirals, where it makes new stars and enlarges the galaxy's central bulge.
The farthest stars in the universe are millions and billions of light years away. Distance to each star or galaxy can be measured in light years.
Like stars, Galaxies are also born and they eventually die or engulfed by a black hole..
Galactic collisions and mergers encounters are the most spectacular traffic accidents in the Universe which are quite frequent and are happening all the time in this gigantic universe. 
Luminous tails of stars and gas stretch 100,000 light years into intergalactic space from two intertwined spirals galaxies nicknamed the Mice.
Quasars are remote powerhouses which baffled astronomers for a generation following their discovery in the early 1960s. Universe is barely charted with a majority of mysteries still unresolved or are may be not even yet defined.
By Looking deep into the Universe we see Remote galaxies glow with ancient starlight in view which reaches out through some 12 billion light years to the edge of the visible Universe.
The birth and- fate of the Universe For the first 380,000 years of its existence, the Universe was filled with an inferno of matter and energy disgorged by the Big Bang. As the Universe expanded the temperature of this incandescent broth steadily dropped. 
When the young Universe stop expanding ultimately after the momentum of the Big Bang has finally died, it will go through the phase like adulthood where for a long time the matter shall be consumed by the stars in harmony and the universe will live on eternally.
Ultimately all the matter in most of the stars and galaxies in the universe shall start getting consumed. Star and galaxies will start dying and getting transformed into Black Holes. 
The universe will now start to collapse from the edges when black holes start working their way into the center of the universe. The center of universe shall become a gigantic black hole finally collapsing the whole universe, now full of black holes, into the center.
The matter that builds black holes is so dense and have such high gravitation forces that noting can escape it and so it can not be seen. Actually it is the ash of a star that can not have any more molecular changes, like ash from coal will burn no more. The matter has reached a state that any molecular recombination do not release any energy.
But this giant ball of solar ash still has mass and so still has the force called gravitation that crushes it under billion and trillions of mega tons of pressure and keeps doing so unhindered by the explosive force of light and energy that is absent. It builds a tendency of consuming up nearby stars and so grow itself.
This will make the Universe ultimately a black ball of matter held by immense forces of gravitation shortly ready for another big bang which another set of living being subsequently will discover some where on a new planet! However, it shall be an eternally long time hereafter, may be trillions of 'earth years' from now!

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