Beautiful Earth, Skies and Space

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"Cursed be he that moves my bones." - William Shakespeare
The Birth of Our Sun
The Earth and Sky
Our Solar System
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Endless Universe

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By Anil Kumar Gupta
Twitter @hitechit

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Eskimo Nebula

Surface of Moon

Voyager 2

Cannibal Galaxy 1


Mars Probe Mariner 9

Asteroid Vesta

Forged Iron Stone Meteorite

Asteroid Vesta

Our Planet Earth

Early View of Earth

Incus Clouds

Altocumulusperlucidus Clouds

Cumulonimbus and Nimbostratus Clouds

Corona 2


Profile of a Galaxy

Quasar 3C 273

Star Cluster NGC3293

Saturn Moon Dione

Galaxy Sombrero M104

Whirlpool Galaxy

Clouds Shadow

Iguazu Falls Parguay

Cumulus Clouds 2

Stratus Clouds 2

Alaskan Earthquake town Portage

Iapetus Moon of Saturn

Quasar PG 0052 3

Uranium ore autunite

Space Outer Limits 1


Africa Seen from Space

Glacial Remains Greenland

Viking 2 Image

Sun Spots 2

Eagle Nebula Earth View

The Earth and Sky

Formation of Planet Earth and its 4 billions years old life.
Geology of the Earth, Rock Formation
Earth Quakes, Volcanoes, Lava and Nature's Fury
The Vast Oceans of the Earth and Glaciers
Continents' Tectonic Movements over Time
The Role of Water in Geology and Biology
Topographic Maps of Earth
Formation of the tallest mountains of the earth
Tibet, the roof and of the world
Monsoon Rains of Asia and Tibetan Plateau
Earth's Atmosphere and Gravitation
Clouds on Earth
Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Dust Devils
Optical Phenomenon in Sky
Earth's only Satellite, the Moon
The Conquering of Space, The man in Space

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