Beautiful Earth, Skies and Space

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"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd druther not." - Mark Twain
The Birth of Our Sun
The Earth and Sky
Our Solar System
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Endless Universe

Thoughtful Posts and Articles

By Anil Kumar Gupta
Twitter @hitechit

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Altocumulusundulatus Cloud

Star Cluster 1

Galaxy NGC 1512


Galactic Merger Computer Model 1

Galactic Merger Computer Model 2

Volcanic Rocks

Eagle Nebula Earth View

Volcanic Rocks

Galaxy NGC 1512

Rover on Mars

Comet Linear Break up 1

Early Depiction of Comets

Prehistoric Meteorite in Namibia

Helix Nebula

Pistol Nebula

Cumulus Clouds

Death of King Arthur

Mars Photographed by Viking Orbiter

Sun Spot Prominence 2

Astronuat Apollo 11 on Moon

Iridescence 2

Halleys Comet from Australia

Model of Neptune

Comet Colour Profile

Space Outer Limits 2

Earth and Saturn

Solar Flares Seismic Wave

Geologist on Moon

Volcano Kilauea Hawaii Lava River

Cumulonimbus Clouds Decaying

Galaxy M101

Erruption over Io

Saturn Moon Lapeteus

Veil Nebula

Eye of Jupiter

Galaxy Compact Group 87 2

Our Solar System

The Eight (Earlier 9) Planets of our Solar System
Planet Mercury, The planet of scorching heat
Planet Venus, Planet Goddess of Love
Planet Earth, Our Home Planet
Planet Mars, Planet God of War
Planet Jupiter, Planet God of Wisdom
Planet Saturn, The Lonely Awesome Planet
Planet Neptune, the Icy Giant Planet
Planet Uranus, the Outer Most Planet
Erstwhile Planet, Pluto
Asteroids in Solar System
Comets, Boom and Doom for Earth
Outer Limits, Kuiper Asteroid Belt and Oort Cloud
The Nearest Solar System or the Nearest Star

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